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Pack On Slabs Of Muscle,


Reach Your Physique Goals,


And Achieve Peak Performance.


Our goal is to help our members improve by 1% daily.


We offer a family like atmosphere for the seasoned athlete or person new to fitness. 


We coach our members to crush PR’s and unlock their performance potential through world class training, lifter focused workouts and unrivaled team culture.



Are you completely satisfied with the progress you're making in your training?


Do you believe the effort and commitment you put into training pays off in the form of PR’s and undeniable results?


Can you easily manage & monitor your volume, intensity, and loads in one convenient place?


If you answered yes to all of the above then you can close this page down now.


If you didn’t? One thing is certain; you have a stupid amount of potential and PR’s to unleash.


Want to see how you can make that happen?


Check this out...

Our focus is on the Hybrid Strength and Performance.


A hybrid athlete is a unique breed who can excel simultaneously in both strength and endurance activities. 


What is a Hybrid Athlete? 

What separates Primal Fitness from the rest? 

When it comes to fitness, people tend to either focus on endurance or strength; they’re runners or powerlifters. But wouldn’t it be pretty cool to be able to deadlift 500 pounds and run a marathon? We believe that combining real strength with true endurance to become a “hybrid athlete” isn’t only possible, it also makes for a wonderfully adventurous and fulfilling path to pursue. 


How do we achieve this? Muscle Confusion- is the idea that if you change your workout, you can shock your muscles and achieve better results, or make you leaner, stronger, faster, etc. Basically, by stimulating the muscle differently, you break its training habit, or its automatic response to exercise. 

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